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As a family, the team behind Contracool Appliance Repairs have been repairing appliances since the 1950's. With three generations now involved in domestic appliance repairs, you could say it's in our blood!

There is a trend of national companies offering domestic appliance repairs, claiming to be local. As a result, if you call a local 01283 or 01530 number today, you're likely to receive a visit from an appliance engineer based anywhere in the country. 

With us it's different; we're all Burton people born and bred. As appliance repairers, we have established reputations within the Burton-on-Trent, Swadlincote, Ashby and Derby areas and we've worked hard to ensure that we maintain these reputations. 

Your call we be answered by one of our staff in Burton-on-Trent; not some anonymous call centre. From the first phone call to the completed repair, we guarantee you the very best of service.

Call 01283 510940 to book a repair

New Appliances

Don't forget - We sell new appliances too!

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